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round 22 results

I'm so sorry for the delay, because I really want to have some more votes but well, I think the results is pretty obvious as here is our winner:


Your comments:

01 - I love the smoothness of your coloring. There are a few minor things that didn't get colored... the edging on the sleeves for instance, however the quality of your coloring makes up for it. The hair is very pretty, and I love the depth you created with the sparkle bubbles~

02 - I like the pastel-ish look.
Instead of being a hard black, the softer tones are easier on the eyes. I think the shading could be a little more pronounced, and perhaps you could expiriment with shading areas that aren't defined with lines. As it is now, it looks fine, but large open areas, such as the hair, could be given more detail if you expanded away from the enitial lines that
define the bangs.

03 - I love how the dress is so defined against the darkness of the browns. I feel that the screentoned areas could be "dressed up" a little more. For myself personally, I like to paint over those areas in a dark color and put that layer on "lighten only", which sometimes helps color the screentone, or help it to blend in better.

Congrats!! Please let me know if you would want to receive the prize for the winner this round, it's Anna Dittmann's tutorial and brushes pack. ^^

Thank you so much everyone who has voted & submited. Also this round's challenge has been up here and we already have 1 gorgeous awesome breathtaking entry. The themes are pretty easy as well, in my opinion. Please submit some if you have the time. Thank you so much!!!
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