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Round 23 results and announcement about community closing

First Place - [personal profile] brush @ DreamWidth or kaotome @ Livejournal

Second place - [personal profile] brush @ DreamWidth or kaotome @ Livejournal

Congrats, you derseve all the places XD Thank you so much!
Here's your comments:

#1 I really like the way you colored the clothes and the faces but I think the hair need a little bit of improvement.
#1 I do like seeing the brushwork in colorings, it adds a very painterly look which I'm fond of. I suppose the background could've been lighter and less saturated to give a more overall cohesive look? But has it's own charm like this too.

#2 I LOVE the way you colored her hair!! it looks amazing and soooo soft! Loved everything from this coloring but the hair was excellent :D
#4 OH MY GOD, everything I repeat, everything about this is perfect, the hair, the eyes, the face AND the clothes and details!!! The clothes seem so real! Thank you for making such a great coloring it was really pleasant to the eyes *^*


Guys, it has been very fun modding this community. But I guess that the anime manga fandom is dying over here at LJ. If it has not dead already. We haven't get much submissions, and voting is very low. Many people used to participate is not on LJ anymore. So I guess it's over for m_c_contest. I do hope that someone can take over the community and do something to change this. I don't know. If you want to become a mod, feel free to leave a comment here.
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